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Asset Management

It is important to take the time to fully understand your financial position and investment philosophy before making any investment recommendations. Based on your financial plan we strive to create a portfolio that can achieve an appropriate balance between risk and return.

Our goal is to develop a diversified portfolio that is designed to build wealth based on your definition of acceptable risk. Your personal time horizon or family index helps to determine the appropriate blend of asset types to attain an appropriate level of risk-to-reward ratio for you. You`ve worked hard to accumulate your wealth. Now is the time to build upon what you have, while seeking confidence and success.

We employ a strategic asset allocation strategy coupled with tactical research that emphasizes portfolio re-balancing and mid to long-term market trend analysis. With the help of independent, collaborative research we carefully select from the thousands of investment management possibilities available today to build a portfolio that focuses on your needs.

While we take a long-term view of investments. We also employ tactical research to capitalize on shorter term trends and cycles that are present in our financial markets. Capital markets and economies go through painful periods. Trying to make short-term guesses to attempt to avoid these adjustments is extremely improbable. It could be costly and very inefficient on an after-tax basis. While we take every measure to minimize risk in client portfolios, we also coach our clients that they must occasionally accept and tolerate sometimes painful short-term volatility to potentially reap the positive performance advantages that may accrue over the long term.

All investing involves risk including loss of principal.  No strategy including diversification can ensure success or protect against loss.

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