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Charting Your Course With Family Meetings

Have you ever opened an old box and found a family treasure of photos; listened to an unforgettable story from an elder about the old days; tried to imagine what “their” lives must have been like, or been in a situation that your family’s health history would have been helpful?

At Navigation Group we are dedicated to not only preserving our clients’ wealth, but also to preserving the wisdom, the experiences and the opportunities that come from knowing one’s family history. We are committed to helping our clients preserve their family’s legacies by creating a Family Archiving Process. This process is ever evolving and we believe will help our clients to preserve and share the lessons and experiences for generations.

We have broken this down into four key areas of focus. Each piece of this puzzle is a valuable treasure within itself. Each piece adds strength to your family’s future by learning from its past:

  • Family Mission Statement and/or Philosophy — By creating a family mission statement, or philosophy, you can help to define specific values and goals while providing a sense of belonging to all.
  • Family Photos, Videos and Memorabilia — Many of us have boxes of old photos, super 8 movies and videos tucked away in our attics and basements with the hope of sharing them in the future. While preserving them for the future can be a daunting task, by using today’s digital technology you can more easily make this a reality.
  • Family Tree, Family History and Family Stories — How much more of our family’s legacy is lost with the passing of each generation? With the tools available today it has become easier than ever to preserve and share your past with future generations. We have created the Legacy Interview process to help you capture some of your family’s history before it is lost.
  • Family Health and Well Being: Genetic History — Have you ever wondered if there is something in your family’s medical history that you should know? This information might be useful to you and your doctors in providing a picture of your (and your children’s) health in the future.

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