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The New Realities Of Retirement

Thirty years ago when asked about retirement most would describe it as a well-deserved rest after years of hard work; time to sit on the front porch and watch the grandchildren play.

Today, in addition to previous ideals, retirement is often a new beginning, a change in direction or just one of many stages you envision in fulfilling your dreams and goals. Some may spend time giving back to their community, others working on their relationships, spending more time with family, focusing on self-enrichment and others may take on entirely new careers or even travel the world.

A confident retirement should include preparing and maintaining a comprehensive financial plan encompassing all your financial needs, risks and options. You should also work with your advisors to address the emotional and family issues that may arise during this time.

Depending on your unique circumstances, the advisors at Navigation Group are experienced and qualified to:

  • Evaluate retirement benefit plans and options
  • Recommend strategies that can appropriately address income tax, investment, estate and cash flow planning situation
  • Provide written retirement lifestyle analysis incorporating all sources of income, required spending needs, potential retirement dates, various economic scenarios and tax considerations
  • Determine elections for pension plans, lump sum payouts vs. annuities and joint survivor vs. single-life distribution arrangements
  • Provide investment recommendations during accumulation periods and distribution options to provide better tax-advantaged income sources during retirement
  • Coordinate beneficiary designations with estate planning documents

Together we can work to put the strategies into place to help pursue the lifestyle of independence and comfort that you have always dreamed of.

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