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Comprehensive Wealth Planning

Confident wealth solutions are the direct result of the clarity obtained through comprehensive wealth planning and management. We view Wealth Management as the highly personalized and strategic integration of financial planning and investment management; a fluid process that enables you to make well informed and thoughtful decisions reflecting the ever-changing circumstances of your life.

To be successful you must “Know Your Course” before setting sail. Your unique vision for the future should guide your life’s journey and act as the foundation. A Comprehensive Wealth Plan should clarify your vision and dreams, and help make them a reality.

At Navigation Group, our first task is to understand your values and objectives. Working together we can help you to define a vision for your future that will guide us in developing your plan. We look at your financial life not only in dollars and cents, but in terms of your personal values for your life, your family, and your legacy.

It is important to create a financial plan that is clear, well defined and-most importantly-quantifiable, based on your goals and risk tolerances. The planning process typically takes several meetings to complete so you will have the added benefit of time to further evaluate how you work with your advisor and the comprehensive process we follow, before making important financial decisions.

Since your comprehensive wealth plan is created from the information provided by you and your other professional advisors and because we adhere to a formal planning process, you can feel confident that the recommendations are based your personal needs and not on a one-size-fit-all approach. Our MyWealthMap™ process includes maintaining a live financial plan online from which you and your advisor can evaluate your progress in real time.

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