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Getting Started

1. First Contact

Before you schedule your first meeting we ask that you invest 10 to 15 minutes of your time on a preliminary phone call with one of our advisors. This will allow us to begin to assess how we may be of help to you and how we may each best prepare for a productive first meeting.

2. Schedule an Introductory Meeting

Your initial meeting will provide you with a clear understanding of Navigation Group, how we work with you, and how we may be of service to you. Most importantly, this meeting is designed to explore your present financial situation, clarify your concerns and determine what you hope to accomplish through a relationship with our firm. We encourage you to ask any and all questions about our firm, our team, our affiliations, our experience and our philosophy. In addition we will demonstrate many of the processes, technologies and services we can use to help you to pursue your financial goals.

3. Terms of Engagement & Initiate Data Collection

When you are ready to engage your advisory team we will begin an in-depth confidential interview process to gather as much pertinent information as possible about your financial life. We want to understand you: your goals, concerns, and dreams. We will ask you to complete a financial organizer and one or more questionnaires regarding personal goals and risk tolerance. We will also ask you to provide us with copies or downloads of financial documents (i.e., tax returns, investment and banking statements, insurance policies, employee benefits statements and estate planning documents). We will spend a great deal of time asking you key questions to ensure that we fully understand your circumstances, goals and priorities.

4. The MyWealthMap™ Process

Using our wealth planning process we will be able to create a comprehensive wealth planning program that will allow you to gain control over your finances and provide us the ability to easily review your progress on a regular basis. Over time we will work together with you and your other professional advisors to address your financial concerns and goals, continually working to refine the strategies that will provide you the clarity necessary for confident financial decision-making.

5. Staying on Course

Because your journey is ever-changing, we developed MyWealthMap™ a system to allow you to easily monitor, adjust, and even alter course as your life progresses. The tools to address all of your financial planning needs are organized on one comprehensive and secure website linking your investments, company benefits, liabilities, important documents, insurance, and even your frequent flyer miles. This ongoing approach to advice, organization and financial planning allows us to work together to quickly analyze and make the necessary changes to your strategies as your needs change.

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