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Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative Fundraiser

Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative Fundraiser

February 11, 2022
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Julie* and Carlo Panaccione were excited to be able to lend a hand and support the Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative (BAWSI) annual fund raiser. BAWSI is a non-profit founded by women’s sports legends Brandi Chastain, Julie Foudy and Marlene Bjornsrud. BAWSI is powered by the unique coaching connection and role modeling of female athletes from local colleges and high schools who focus on two populations who have the least access, but stand to gain the most from organized sports and physical activity: under-served girls and children with disabilities. You can’t help but be humbled when meeting just a few of the amazing girls who have passed through BAWSI’s programs and some of the most decorated women athletes in the world who support BAWSI.


* – Julie Panaccione is not affiliated with LPL Financial